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What You Might Not Know About Walnuts


Walnuts might seem like simple nutritious dry fruits that can help you build your health for a better life, but that's not all they are. With something so common to our lives and readily available to us, one might think that they know all there is to know about walnuts, but they are bound to be wrong with these. Here are the top 5 things you might not know about walnuts:

  • Hub at China

  • It is needless to say that China is the hub of premium dry fruits and so it is home to highly nutritious organic walnuts too. The hold of the Asian country is so strong that it provides almost half of the walnuts produced in the world. No wonder the exports of this country include this dryfruit so highly. 

  • Oldest food tree known to man

  • If you think that a rich, crunchy taste is all there is to know about walnuts, think again. Walnuts are actually the oldest food trees that are known to man. It dates as far back as 7000 B.C. 

  • Long wait for the fruit

  • "The fruit of patience is sweet"- this is one saman that we all must have had at least once in our life. Walnuts quite literally embody them since it takes at least five years for a walnut tree to start producing fruits. After becoming productive, they annually produce fruits for the next 30-40 years. Also, it takes approximately 170 days for walnuts to grow and mature on the tree.

  • Fast-paced technological change

  • The technology used in conducting a process defines the volume of business. In the 1900s, the branches of walnut trees used to be hit with long sticks and mallets to collect the fruit. Walnut collection has seen one of the most productive technological changes that allow the harvest of 30 acres per day on an average with every machine. 

  • California's huge walnut produce

  • California has nearly 3,25,000 acres dedicated to organic walnut plantations and its orchard lands. This area is so huge that it can cover the whole city of Los Angeles!

    These are some of the fun facts related to walnuts. These are some of the lesser talked yet interesting things about them. We bet you didn't know all of them!