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Almonds – The King Of Dry Fruits

Generations have come and gone; times have changed rapidly, but one constant thing since ancient times has been the consumption of Almonds. To date, we all are habituated to eating our daily dose of 5-6 almonds before initiating our day. All this is for a reason – the never-ending, immense health benefits obtained from these wonder nuts. Be it a sharper brain, glowing dermis, fitness regime, weight goals, fibrous diet, balanced meal, healthy lifestyle; all this is only possible by eating right. As the saying goes “A healthy outside starts from the inside”. If the gut is strong and regulated, the rest of the body functions well. And all this is possible just by eating your daily dose of almonds. Hence rightfully, as the caption goes, Almonds surely are the king of Dry Fruits!

It is indeed difficult to jot down the eternal assets of eating these crisp, nutty kernels which are obtained from the fruits of deciduous trees. However, let us try to evaluate it holistically.

Taste – Crunchy, soothing, fruity, nutty, earthy and aromatic are some of the lip-smacking attributes of almonds. Slightly sweet to the palette, they are the go-to nuts if you feel like having something healthily delicious.

Bountifully Nutritious – It is a calorie-dense food, but also nutrient-rich with the majority of its fat being monounsaturated. Almonds are rich in plant protein, vitamin E, riboflavin, fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. The superfood boasts of being sodium-free and low in sugar. Too much goodness in one platter! A handful of them eaten diurnally helps build immunity and keeps diseases and infections at bay.    

Secret To Glowing Skin – Want a radiating epidermis that is naturally clean from within? Hydrate your inner for a vibrant outer. Use the nut paste, drink almond milk, chew them raw or soaked overnight, and apply almond oil; there are myriad ways to use the nourishing kernels for a plethora of wholesome outcomes.

Reduce Those Extra Inches – Being loaded with fibre and protein, almonds fills the tummy fast and curb hunger effectively. So every time you feel like indulging in junk food but are aware of the recent kilos you’ve added on, pop in the goodness-laden seeds. Consume them before a workout for pumping energy, as fillers for your evening snacks and as dessert for that sweet tooth.

Go Vegan – It is quite a fad currently and rightfully so. It is a proven fact that beyond a certain age, humans do not require animal products and by-products for their development. Best to go green! One of the sources for a healthy vegan meal is almonds. Abundant with the virtues of nutrients, proteins and minerals, they can be included in daily meals conveniently. They add crunch and flavour to any recipe. Also, they are a wonderful replacement for milk, especially for those suffering from lactose intolerance.

A fistful of almonds is all you need to regulate your fitness level and lead a healthy and youthful lifestyle for a happy and stress-free future. Begin your daily intake of almonds from today. Order with The Nutty Hub which houses several types of nuts. They have different varieties of almonds that are chemical-free and of top quality.