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  • Add The Nuts, Minus The Weight

    People are getting more and more conscious of their outward appearance. Everyone is hoarding for a fitter and healthier body. Being overweight has its major implication which leads to obesity, raised cholesterol levels, disturbed diabetes and blood pressure values and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Piney Pistachios – An Asset To Health

    A green-tinted savoury nut that is slightly sweet flavoured, pistachios are an absolute necessity for good health.  Though they are consumed as nuts, they are soft edible seeds covered by a hard exterior that needs to be broken apart to unveil the soft kernel. Pista, as it is commonly called, is widely used as snacks, dessert toppings and salted sprinklers to add crunch to any food! Apart from great taste and aromatic flavour, this particular dry fruit houses several benefits if consumed daily.

  • Cashews – The Seeded Wealth

    Get your tongue tingling on these sweet flavoured, kidney bean-shaped seeds which are a storehouse of a positive outcome if consumed on regular basis. Intrinsically abundant in healthy fats, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin K, and cashew nuts are not just your answer to great health and fitness, they are delicious to taste in several forms – raw, roasted, fried and more.
  • Almonds – The King Of Dry Fruits

    Generations have come and gone; times have changed rapidly, but one constant thing since ancient times has been the consumption of Almonds. To date, we all are habituated to eating our daily dose of 5-6 almonds before initiating our day.
  • Basket Full Of Health And Love

    Gifts are truly a way of showing your gratitude and love. Be it occasions, festivals or simply meeting your loved ones after a long time, you feel like giving them a token of your appreciation and remembrance. Digging up for the perfect memento can be quite a task, especially if they are conscious of their fashion and health! And it is preferable to present something neutral to gender and taste. Dry Fruits make one such awesome handout. Everyone loves them.

    Dry fruits have been in existence since the Mesopotamian era and we do not see an end to it - all for the right reasons! These tiny little plant-based vegan kickshaws are loaded with the goodness of nutrients, minerals, essential fatty acids, fibre and a whole lot more. But these apart, there are some extraordinary wondrous results that one cannot overlook.

    Need that extra crunch in your food? Have diabetes and can’t indulge in desserts? Suffering from lactose intolerance? Want to beat obesity but still desire to eat something yummy? Are you a bodybuilder who needs energy but just doesn’t know what to eat? Want to boost your immunity?

    This should be the motto of your daily consumption of Dry Fruits. Like you can’t eat the entire day’s food at one go, similarly, distribute the intake of your nuts through the waking hours. Substitute them for junk food. Change your appetite into a healthy one for a wealthy future!
  • Facts You Might Not Have Known About Dehydrated Fruits

    All of us must have seen Diwali gifts filled with jars and selections of dehydrated fruits. They are commonly picked up for gifting purposes or to be offered as a healthy snack.
  • Reasons To Pick Dry Fruits This Festive Season Over Sweets

    The Indian culture and festivities are synonymous with sweets. Sweets are the traditional sign of celebration and mark the happiness of a significant event. But, with the shift of people's concern over healthier life choices, the festivities are also being marked with dry fruits.

  • Home Delivery Of Dry Fruits Is Your New Way Of Life

    Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in 2020, stepping out of our homes has become a concern for our lives and that of our loved ones.
  • Better For Festive Occasions- Chocolates Or Dry Fruits?

    With the increasing consciousness regarding healthy eating, we have switched to a healthier alternative to that of dry fruits. The fresh and organic collection of varied dry fruits not only look regal but also make a wonderful gift for all age groups.