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Divide and rule – This should be the motto of your daily consumption of Dry Fruits. Like you can’t eat the entire day’s food at one go, similarly, distribute the intake of your nuts through the waking hours. Substitute them for junk food. Change your appetite into a healthy one for a wealthy future!

Nuts are superfoods that have wholesome goodness of minerals, vitamins, proteins, magnesium, potassium, fibre, the correct amount of calories and much more. A fistful of nuts is all you need for better immunity and sustainability. It can be eaten raw, soaked overnight in water, churned with yoghurt for flavourful smoothies, added with morning cereals to kick start the day, consumed before workouts for energy-boosting, made into a yum snack, added to several recipes – the list is never-ending, and so are the ultra-satisfactory results of it. The key point however is to take them regularly. If taken erratically the effects will not suffice. Squeeze out every bit of its nutrition and trust them to do wonders for your body, skin and overall fitness.

Around 20-25 combination nuts daily should do the trick. They are not free of calories, so casual gorging should be avoided. However, they have high energy value, making you feel fuller and satiated and also help in reducing weight. Studies show that the healthiest nuts are almonds, followed by walnuts, pistachios and raisins.

The ideal diurnal intake of nuts should comprise the following quantity of each dry fruit :

Raw or soaked Almonds: 6 - 8 nos.

Cashews: 5 – 7 nos.

Whole Shelled Walnuts: 7 nos.

Pistachios: 6-8 nos.

Raisins – Half a standard cup

The above combination can be eaten at once in the morning or be distributed evenly throughout the day – the choice is yours!