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Piney Pistachios – An Asset To Health

A green-tinted savoury nut that is slightly sweet flavoured, pistachios are an absolute necessity for good health.  Though they are consumed as nuts, they are soft edible seeds covered by a hard exterior that needs to be broken apart to unveil the soft kernel. Pista, as it is commonly called, is widely used as snacks, dessert toppings and salted sprinklers to add crunch to any food! Apart from great taste and aromatic flavour, this particular dry fruit houses several benefits if consumed daily.

Nutritious Powerhouse – Pistachios are intrinsically dense in fibre, minerals and unsaturated fat. They are proved effective in keeping blood sugar and cholesterol in check. This results in better cardiovascular function. They are also rich in potassium and antioxidants.

Feel Lighter – Since the wholesome pistas are fibre and protein abundant, they tend to fill the tummy faster and for longer. This curbs the unnecessary hunger pangs and the urge to indulge in the wrong kind of food. A further tip for buying cashews is to purchase them with their shells. Since the consumption time will take longer, it slows down the eating process. Hence, you eat lesser and feel fuller!

Do Not Get Un-nerved – Pistachio is a good source of Vitamin B6. This helps in enhancing the functions of the nervous system. It also aids in creating healthy red blood cells in the body, keeping haemoglobin levels in check. The wonder seeds also help in the secretion of internal acids that help calm the nerves. A diurnal dose of pistas can certainly keep you unnerved.

Better Hair Days – Pistachios are a good source of biotin which combats hair loss, premature greying of hair, keeping the mane shiny and strong and fights split ends too. Either one can consume these edible nuts daily, or they can be used as a hair mask for deeper hydration and treatment.

So we see that pistas are bountiful with immense benefits which have a positive outcome at several levels of the internal and external body. But they must be consumed routinely, not in fits or bursts. Also, one must be amply careful of the quality bought. One excellent tried, tested, FSSAI certified platform to buy your daily dose of nuts is The Nutty Hub which caters to clients pan India. With many years of excellence, strict quality scrutiny and zero use of colour and chemicals, this retail outlet has created a niche for itself. And no, we aren’t just another push-sales company, we are sure of the yield we supply. Try it yourself.