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We are aware of the myriad benefits of eating dry fruits regularly. That is why our mothers have been feeding us the nuts ever since we learnt to chew and we continue to do the same with our younger generations. Dry fruits have been in existence since the Mesopotamian era and we do not see an end to it - all for the right reasons! These tiny little plant-based vegan kickshaws are loaded with the goodness of nutrients, minerals, essential fatty acids, fibre and a whole lot more. But these apart, there are some extraordinary wondrous results that one cannot overlook.

Boosts Immunity – That is the call of the moment! Don’t we all need that? Every disease is somewhat linked directly to the fitness of our physical body. The healthier the body, the further is its issues. Dry fruits have an immense benefit in restoring the healthy balance, making us viable to fight against several infections and illnesses, keeping our immunity at the pink of its health!

Helps Losing Weight – No matter how shapely one is, the fight for that wee bit of extra weight is forever! Hence the aspect of eating the right kind of food plays a great role. Topping the list are the power-packed nuts and seeds. Loaded with essential oils, proteins and fibre, they are the best (and tasty) goodies that can be eaten in moderation without any guilt.

Glowing And Wrinkle Free Skin – Who wouldn’t want beaming and hydrated skin, no matter what the age is? Dig into a jar of dry fruits to prevent sagging and ageing skin for a healthy and glowing one! The nutritious, vegan kernels and fruits are rich in antioxidants and essential oils, leading to a radiating dermis.

Regulating High Blood pressure and Type-2 Diabetes – Dry fruits are low in sugar and sodium, and high in fibre and potassium. They help greatly in metabolic functions and cleansing of the gut. Their unique macronutrients, micronutrients and other bioactive compounds are responsible for a positive effect on diabetes. Low magnesium levels may result in high blood pressure in our bodies. Dry fruits are rich in magnesium, thus monitoring the blood pressure as well!

Helpful For Pregnant Ladies – Dry fruits are a must-have for moms to be. They are a storehouse of several minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids. They are naturally infused with crucial vitamins like A, B1, C, K, E and H. They prevent constipation, regulate iron levels, are high in calcium, and strengthen muscles, keep infections at bay, monitor blood pressure and gestational diabetes. They are also good to be taken by lactating mothers.

Eat a fistful of assorted dry fruits daily for optimum benefits and minimal health issues in the longer run.