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Facts You Might Not Have Known About Dehydrated Fruits

All of us must have seen Diwali gifts filled with jars and selections of dehydrated fruits. They are commonly picked up for gifting purposes or to be offered as a healthy snack. But have you ever thought about what they actually are and how they become so? 

Dehydrated fruits are basically fruits from which the natural water content has been dried out. This drawing of water content can be done in one of two ways- by naturally drying them under the sun or using chemical dehydrators. With this in mind, here are some facts about dehydrated fruits you might never have heard before:

No added sugar

One of the lesser-known facts about dehydrated fruits is that they are devoid of artificial sweeteners. The natural sugar content is retained even after drying. Dehydrated fruits like pineapple, kiwi, cranberry and blueberry are the most popular ones and are some of the healthiest picks too.

  • Retains nutrients

  • The water content might be drained from the fruits during the dehydration process, but the nutritional values remain the same. The nutrients that the fruit has remained intact so that the consumer can get fresh, healthy snacks at all times. 

  • Discovered by accident

  • The process of dehydrating fruit was actually found by accident. There was no focused study on this but our ancestors noticed that the fruits falling from the trees used to dry out under the sun and lasted longer. Such an innovative idea with just a bit of attention changed our world forever. 

  • Popular among voyagers

  • If you think dehydrated fruits have become popular only in recent times, you could not be more wrong. Historical voyagers, like Christopher Columbus, used to carry natural dehydrated fruits with them since they were high in nutrients and they stayed fresh for longer. 

    These are 4 of the lesser-known facts about dehydrated fruits that you might not have known to date. Now that you know how popular they have been since the ancestral times, give them a shot for a dose of health with taste.