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Can sustainable food habits help you live longer?


Immortality might still be a myth in our world but having a longer life is not. It has been long said in Ayurveda that how long we live depends on what we feed our body in terms of food and energy. Natural, fresh and organic classes of food naturally build up the body to weather it against a lot of health conditions. 

The power of sustainable foods has recently been quantified in 2018. In a survey by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it was found that sustainable foods can extend a man's life by 12 years and a woman's life by 14 years respectively. Needless to say, one of the top items of a list of such sustainable foods invariably contained dry fruits.

Here are 3 reasons why adding a sustainable food item like exotic dry fruits are the key to a longer life.

  • Builds up from within

  • There is so much goodness packed in the little body of the dry fruits. All the necessary vitamins and minerals do a great job of building up your body's immunity from within to gear it up to fight. Apart from that, daily nutrition requirements also strengthen the body.

  • Defenders of crucial organs

  • The way to a longer life is a healthier body and the key organs are the focus. The heart, liver and liver are among the most important ones and the minerals and omega-3 keep them running and in fighting shape for longer. 

  • Easier to process

  • It is no secret that fresh and natural food is easier for the body to process than any other class of the food. The roughages and minerals calcium and potassium from dry fruits like cashews and almonds help in a smoother metabolism process, eliminating the toxins from the body. 

    So yes, sustainable food can help you live a longer and healthier life. TheNuttyHub organically sources the dry fruits from the safest and most renowned exporters in the world to live up to people's standards of health. So munch your way into a longer life.