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Few Facts of Anjeer


If you are looking into dry fruits and want to try different elements of flavour, figs are the go-to options you have. Having a versatile taste palette with both sweet and crunchy covered by it, figs are some of the lesser-known categories of dry fruits. This is a shock because its health benefits of it are enormous. 

It is one of the most exotic dry fruits that is a supplement of bundles of healthy contents. Its ability to replace sugar makes it a perfect alternative for people with diabetes. This is just the tip of the iceberg for a popular baking ingredient like figs or 'Anjeer'. Here are a few of the most well-known health benefits of consuming figs:

  • Low on calories

  • Obesity is one of the most serious problems plaguing the world and our health. High-calorie diets contribute majorly to it. A low-calorie section of food like figs maintains body weight through lower calorie intake without compromising on the other minerals. Also, a control on calorie intake is beneficial for a healthier heart and balanced blood pressure.

  • Fights chronic diseases

  • Figs are well-equipped with vitamins like vitamin A, E, K and minerals like potassium and calcium. Joining forces with each other, these organic choices fight against chronic, dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes and even inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help in healing your body naturally from any health insurgencies. 

  • Ayurvedic medicine

  • The natural properties of the dry fruit also act as ayurvedic medicine for keeping the body safe from multiple ailments. Figs are known for their digestive capabilities and the flesh of the body fares even better for proper bowel movements and flushing out the toxin from your body. 

    Now that you know how dry fruits like figs or 'Anjeer' can be the source of multiple health benefits, make sure you get them in transparent packaging to maintain their fresh nature. As a gifting option, a decorative version of the same should serve you well. Give yourself and your loved ones a gift of a healthier life!