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Importance Of Hygiene In The Food Sector

India is known for its rich heritage. A key reason why the variety of food available is also multiple. But have you ever thought whether the food you are being served is up to the high hygienic standards?

More often than not, safe hygiene practices are not followed in most places. Proper protocols requiring hair nets, gloves, sanitized counters are not paid heed to. As toddlers, it has been ingrained in us, that safe food is healthy. Here are why unhygienic measures while manufacturing and packing dry fruits are more important than you might think. 

  • Low-quality sourcing

  • If the building has a weak foundation, it will not stand tall. Similarly, poorly sourced nuts will yield poor quality end products. It is imperative that the manufacturer sources quality dry fruits to maintain safe standards for consumption.

  • Unhealthy storage practices

  • Dry fruits like cashews, almonds, walnuts and others need to be packed and stored properly in a hygienic environment to maintain their taste, texture and nutrients. Dumping the packages in a poorly ventilated and unsanitary warehouse with heaps mounted one on top of the other will only damage the dry fruits and take away from their goodness.

  • Improper packaging

  • Imagine leaving the house without locking the doors thereby risking a theft. Dry fruits need food-grade packaging to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from entering. This packaging also keeps the products fresh for longer and safe for consumption even for a longer duration of time.

    The nutty hub is a mindful brand keeping all these three aspects into consideration for the better health of its customers. Our efforts are certified by recognised names like FSSAI for standardized food grade approval.