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Things You Should Know About Raisins

Sweet and sugar and everything nice are not always good for your body. Though it might taste nice, in the long run, it is going to harm you. That is where raisins come in as a natural sugar alternative. They might be simple and humble dry fruits but the power they hold is done no justice by their appearance. 

But such organic, premium dry fruits also need some things to be kept in mind to be in the best condition. Here are 4 things that you should keep in mind while getting your hands on raisins.

  • Where are they sourced from?

  • The very first thing that should come to mind wild picking up reasons is where has the seller sourced them from? Green raisins are one of the most popular variants because of their nutritional value. Afghanistan is one of the leading exporters of it and it is a reliable source country for fresh, nutritious green raisins. This is where The Nutty Hub sources its stock from!

  • Added colours?

  • One of the biggest misconceptions about the reasons is that people think fresh organic raisins and fresh-looking raisins are the same. There are artificial colours added to make them look. The green raisins that naturally hold their colour are the best. Our products do not have any artificial colour whatsoever.

  • The perfect temperature

  • After picking, storing raisins is also an important deal since it makes sure that the nutritious contents are locked in. The ideal temperature for storing raisins ranges between 0 and 5 degrees to protect their natural colour and keep their goodness intact. 

  • Airtight jar

  • Their use also determines the benefits you can derive from them. To make the best out of their use, they need to be kept in airtight jars so they do not dry out further. The fleshy part makes for an excellent substitute for sugar and to keep it in that shape, an airtight container is a must for storing raisins. 

    These are the things one should know while getting raisins. Make sure to keep them in your kind for the healthiest raisins you can have.